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    Royal DG110 Postal Scale 110 lb Capacity

    A compact heavy-duty scale that is perfect for homes, offices, schools, churches, and organizations with an easy-to-view wired remote LED digital display that shows pounds, ounces or metric weights.
    GTIN: 022447393330
    • Weight capacity is 110 pounds
    • Wired remote with digital display
    • Compact size is smaller than a sheet of paper
    • Weigh items from small envelopes to heavy boxes

    The Royal DG110 Shipping/Postal Scale with a wired remote is the only scale you'll ever need. Even though the DG110 is designed to be a compact desktop scale, it has a capacity to weigh items up to 110 pounds. You can weigh just about anything from a standard envelope or place the scale on the floor to weigh that large shipping box. The Hold function allows the weight to stay displayed on the remote for 10-15 seconds in order to view the weight of oversized items. The rugged construction and stainless-steel weighing platform will stand the test of time.

    The wired remote has a detachable coiled cord which allows the remote to be placed up to 36” away from the scale’s base. The LED digital display gives a bright, clear read-out. The weight is displayed in either pounds or metric. Choose pounds and ounces, ounces only, kilograms or grams.

    The DG110 has an automatic energy saver function. The unit will turn off in 2 minutes of inactivity to extend the battery life.

    The Tare function allows you to weigh only the items that are in a container. Simply place the empty container on the scale. Press the Tare button after the empty container weight is registered and wait for the scale to reset to “0.0”. Place the item in its container on the scale. Intuitive software automatically subtracts the weight of the container and displays the correct weight of the item only. This Tare weight will remain in memory until it is reset back to zero.

    The best part of this scale is the compact size. The scale base takes less desk space than an 8.5"" x 11"" sheet of paper! The DG110 is portable and can operate with 4 AAA batteries, which are supplied with the unit. The DG110 can also be powered by a 5v connection using the 7’ USB cable included with your purchase.

    ROYAL designed the DG110 to be the perfect scale for today’s home, office, school, church or organization. We believe you will agree.

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