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    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cinnamon 7 oz

    $19.87 $21.48
    100% organic ground cinnamon. Sweet, spicy flavor with a slight "red-hot" bite. Use in desserts, hot drinks and savory dishes like chicken and lamb.

    Member's Mark Organic Garlic Granulated 11 oz

    $16.87 $18.99
    Bold, intense flavor of garlic. USDA Organic for natural and fresh granulated garlic. Easily used in recipes and to season most foods. An entire jar contains the equivalent of 390 garlic cloves.

    Member's Mark Organic Granulated Onion 9.25 oz

    $17.89 $19.99
    Finely ground organic granulated onion. Hearty, sharp and sweet flavor. Great for soups, stews and casseroles. One tbsp. of onion powder equals a half-cup of fresh chopped onion. For a quick steak rub, blend with black pepper and granulated garlic.

    Member's Mark Organic Turmeric 9.5 oz

    $17.89 $19.99
    Golden yellow color. Spicy aroma with a peppery taste. Used in Indian curries and chutneys. Popular for a host of beauty and medicinal purposes. USDA Organic.

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cumin 8 oz

    $18.64 $19.99
    100% organic. Ground cumin spice. Warm, nutty flavor.

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper 8 oz

    $17.89 $19.99
    Hot and spicy cayenne pepper powder. Complements a range of dishes. 8-oz. shaker. 100% organic.