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    Band-Aid Brand Active Lifestyles Variety Pack Adhesive Bandages 173 ct

    173 assorted sterile BAND-AID brand bandages Helps protect and cover minor wounds Includes water-resistant and waterproof adhesives. SKIN-FLEX bandages, which provide a 24-hour hold and dry .almost instantly. Flexible Fabric bandages, in medium and extra-large, which.stretch and flex as you move.
    SKU: NZ-A40F-SIB8
    GTIN: 381371180851

    BAND-AID® Brand Active Lifestyles Variety Pack Adhesive Bandages (173 ct.) provide effective first-aid with several options to choose, no matter the situation.

    Comfortable, Clean Healing from BAND-AID Brand

    When you and your family are active and on-the-go, small cuts and scrapes are bound to happen. Whether you're at the playground or running around the house, be prepared with a well-stocked medicine cabinet. BAND-AID bandages have been trusted for decades to give secure, safe covering for minor wounds, so you can get back to work and play without worrying. While we always hope that we don't need too many bandages, you'll give the ultimate comfort to your kiddos when you apply a BAND-AID.

    What Types of Bandages Come In This Pack?

    There are 173 sterile bandages included in the assorted BAND-AID Brand Active Lifestyles Bandage Variety Pack of Adhesive Bandages:

    • 100 flexible fabric adhesive bandages: Stretchable, comfortable fabric that moves with you as you heal.
    • 30 water block clear bandages that stay on in water and block water while keeping out dirt and germs.
    • 8 flexible fabric with QUILT-AID™ Pad that wicks away blood, won't stick to blood or fluids during the healing process.
    • 25 SKIN-FLEX™ bandages designed to move with you like a second skin. Dries instantly and holds for 24 hours.
    • 10 extra-large flexible fabric bandages to cover large wounds and move with your body.

    How Can These Bandages Help Me Heal?

    When you purchase BAND-AID Brand Active Lifestyles Variety Pack Adhesive Bandages, you'll have the materials on hand to take care of the small cuts and scrapes that come along with an active lifestyle. Let BAND-AID get you back on track with their healing-support technology and features.

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