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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cumin 8 oz

    100% organic. Ground cumin spice. Warm, nutty flavor.
    GTIN: 078742068411

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cumin is a staple in chef's kitchens everywhere and will take your spice game to the big leagues. Organic ground cumin has many benefits, not only as a natural flavor powerhouse but also as a source of health and alternative nutrition. Cumin powder's nutrition is undeniable, and experimental or alternative medicine practitioners have for hundreds of years sworn by its power. As a spice, it gives food a worldly flavor and brings typical salt-and-pepper dishes to the next level.

    What Can You Cook with Cumin?

    Organic cumin powder is a staple in the spice cupboard for its rich, earthy and nutty flavors. It is the top ingredient in many meat rubs and when grilled it takes on a warm depth of flavor that can't be matched by any other spice. It also works dynamically in soups, stews and curries. Any sauce that simmers will develop a complex aroma and taste with the addition of a healthy tablespoon of cumin. An organic cumin addition gives beef and lamb a depth of flavor that takes your cuisine from familiar to exotic, bringing to mind Mexican, Indian or North African cuisine.

    How Long with This Jar Last?

    This 8-ounce jar is more than twice the size of typical spices found at your local market, meaning it will last longer and won't require rationing or holding back in any of your rubs or sauces. It is also great for higher-volume situations such as commercial kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants or commissaries. You never want to hold back when it comes to cumin, so shake it up and pile it on.


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