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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cinnamon 7 oz

    100% organic ground cinnamon. Sweet, spicy flavor with a slight "red-hot" bite. Use in desserts, hot drinks and savory dishes like chicken and lamb.
    GTIN: 078742068510

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cinnamon is truly one of nature's greatest creations. It is inarguably one of the tastiest and healthiest spices on the planet, and explorers traveled far and wide to capture its exotic and mercurial flavor hundreds of years ago. Fortunately for you, it's much easier to taste now, with this Member's Mark Organic Ground Cinnamon. There are a million different uses for cinnamon and myriad health benefits, including being packed with antioxidants. It has been a favorite of natural health practitioners, yogis and wellness professionals for decades—if not centuries.

    What Is the Best Cinnamon Powder?

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cinnamon is the best cinnamon to buy for its size (more than twice the size of typical grocery store containers), its flavor and its high-quality cinnamon.

    What is Saigon Cinnamon?

    Saigon cinnamon is known for its slightly "red hot" taste reminiscent of the spicy chewy red candies. Saigon cinnamon is used in coffee or tea to give it an extra kick and a delicious, sophisticated and health-filled layer of flavor. It's delicious over ice cream or chocolate, especially when it's warm and melty. In smoothies it will awaken the senses and tingle your belly, taking a mundane daily ritual to a moment of bliss. It works well in savory foods as well, like roasted or baked sweet potatoes and grilled meats like chicken or lamb that are paired with rich red sauces.


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