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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Organic Garlic Granulated 11 oz

    Bold, intense flavor of garlic. USDA Organic for natural and fresh granulated garlic. Easily used in recipes and to season most foods. An entire jar contains the equivalent of 390 garlic cloves.
    GTIN: 016853000098

    Add more flavor to your cooking with Member's Mark Organic Granulated Garlic. Versatile and delicious, this seasoning is a surefire way to give your food that extra hint of spice and deliciousness.

    What's in Member's Mark Organic Granulated Garlic?

    Member's Mark Organic Granulated Garlic consists of pure dehydrated garlic. USDA-certified organic, this isn't processed with solvents or genetic engineered. It's also free of additives such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This leaves you with a jar of pure, natural-tasting garlic.

    Essential Spice for Every Kitchen

    Like salt and pepper, you can never go wrong with a touch of garlic. Whether it be on meat, vegetables, bread, pasta or even soup, a dash of granulated garlic can change everything for the better. Robust and strong, there's no other seasoning that comes close to the distinctive flavor of this herb. Plus, when cooked, its flavor changes considerably to a more mellow and sweet taste.

    Save Time Prepping Garlic

    Using fresh garlic to season foods can be a hassle. You have to carefully peel away its skin then finely chop it into bits. You also have to worry about it going bad. Luckily, you can achieve the same result, and save yourself the time and energy by simply sprinkling granulated garlic on your dish instead. Lasting much longer than fresh garlic and taking up less space in your kitchen, this jar will easily become a staple in your household, as well as in all your recipes.

    How to Use Granulated Garlic

    There are endless ways to use this versatile seasoning. Sprinkle it on foods to give it a fresh kick of garlic. Cook with it to bring out a sweeter flavor. Mix it together with other seasonings to create your own signature dry rub or marinade. Or use it as an alternative to actual garlic in recipes. One-fourth teaspoon of granulated garlic is the equivalent to one garlic clove.


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