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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper 8 oz

    Hot and spicy cayenne pepper powder. Complements a range of dishes. 8-oz. shaker. 100% organic.
    GTIN: 607169074486

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper is a must-have for any spice cabinet and any chef. Cayenne pepper is a sophisticated and layered spice with a powerful flavor that will light a fire under even the most heat-tolerant diner. It is a versatile spice that works with a number of flavors and types of cuisine and can add an intense heat to otherwise simple or expected dishes like guacamole, onion dip, beef brisket and other grilled meats. Tap a couple shakes onto your avocado toast to bring out the fatty goodness of the avocado, put a dash in Asian-style noodles for a Szechuan-style kick.

    How Long Will Eight Ounces of Cayenne Pepper Powder Last?

    This glass shaker is eight ounces, which is a good amount of ground cayenne pepper. It's more than double the normal size of grocery store size spice jars. Organic cayenne pepper in bulk is well suited for those among you that crave the heat and that are making master cleanse drinks on the regular, or for commercial or cafeteria-type kitchens.

    What is Cayenne Pepper Good For?

    Organic cayenne pepper is a crucial ingredient in the master cleanse drink. It is praised by natural medicine practitioners for its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to aid your body in cleansing and removing toxins. Capsaicin is the active ingredient that gives cayenne its heat and spice, and it's also known to lower blood pressure and treat aches and pains in muscles. Some people say it reduces and controls appetite and use it as part of a weight loss program, which is another purported benefit of the master cleanse. Most importantly, Member's Mark Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper tastes delicious and delivers a potent dose of flavorful heat in any dish you sprinkle it with.

    What Can I Cook with Cayenne Pepper?

    Member's Mark Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper works with pretty much anything if you like the flavor. Eggs on toast immediately get a boost thanks to the spice paired with the fatty yolk. Sautéed veggies soak up the flavor and go deeper into a sophisticated palate with a sprinkle of cayenne. You can try it on pretty much anything and you will be pleased with the results.


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