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    Manufacturer: Cross

    Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Set Chrome Black Accent

    0.7 mm lead diameter. Quintessential Cross design. Balanced for writing comfort. Smooth, medium ballpoint writing action. Precision mechanical pencil lead advance system.
    GTIN: 73228000015

    Write with style; choose the quintessential Cross pen and pencil set. Meticulously balanced for writing comfort. The retractable pen features a smooth, medium point writing action. Mechanical pencil features a precision, no-slip lead advance system. The attractive and durable case makes it a wonderful gift.

    A Mark of History

    The Cross family had a long history as jewelers; when the company was founded by Richard Cross in 1846, their focus was primarily on the manufacturing of gold and silver casings for pencils. Mr. Cross passed the company onto his son, Alonzo T. Cross. The company has grown and relocated several times but has always stayed in Rhode Island.

    ​Over the years, their expertise led Cross artisans to develop a number of writing instruments, including what would eventually become mechanical pencils as well as early stylographic pens, which led to the modern ballpoint pen.

    Cross has been the official supplier of pens to the White House since the 1970s and perhaps prior to that, as President Gerald Ford was known to use Cross pens. Cross pens are used when signing government legislation and are also given out to the lucky few who attend bill signings as keepsakes.

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