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    Manufacturer: Bic

    BIC Matic Grip Mechanical Pencil HB 2 0.7mm 32 Pencils

    0.7 mm lead diameter. Good mechanical pencils for everyday use in any setting with a soft rubber grip for comfortable holding. Three full-length leads inside each Bic mechanical pencil Colorful barrels, black HB #2 leads, and eraser tips. 32 Bic Matic grip mechanical pencils per pack; barrel colors. include purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and gray.
    GTIN: 070330429215

    Sketch, write and draw with ease with BIC Matic Grip Mechanical Pencil, HB #2, 0.7mm - 32 Pencils. These writing essentials have a rugged build, and three full-length HB #2 leads to outlast any ordinary wood case pencil. They're equipped with click-technology to replenish leads quickly, tipped with white erasers for effortless correction. Colorful barrels add a little fun to everyday writing, with rubber grips for comfortable holding. This multipack unit features 32 BIC mechanical pencils.

    Convenience and Comfort in One Slim, Lightweight Design

    The search for the best mechanical pencil can be daunting, especially if you expect long-lasting performance, comfort, and convenience in one compact design. It's easy to find fancy mechanical pencils and cool mechanical pencils. Still, if you're searching for a pencil you can use in any setting that gives you the control and versatility you need for all of your writing and sketching tasks, you may come up short.

    BIC Matic grip mechanical pencils feature 0.7 mm HB #2 leads for easy use in any setting. The leads can be used on standardized test forms, with deep pigments that are easily legible on every paper type. The plastic barrels are lightweight for easy carrying, with contoured rubber grips for superior control and comfortable writing. Eraser tips make it easy to correct mistakes; the tips also dispense the leads, so a sharp, fine point is always just a click away.

    Do BIC Matic Grip Mechanical Pencils Come in Different Colors?

    BIC mechanical pencils feature graphite lead for easy use in professional and educational settings. BIC Matic barrels come in fun solid colors. This 32 pieces extra value pack in solid purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and gray shades.

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