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    Manufacturer: Crayola

    Crayola Colored Woodcase Pencil Classpack 3.3mm 20 EA of 12 Ast Colors 12 Sharpeners

    The entire package comes pre-sharpened. Variety of colors to choose from. Crayola Pencil Classpack comes with sharpeners. Great for beginners and novices. Fun for sketches and character drawing.
    GTIN: 71662080242

    Explore your creative side with the Crayola® Colored Woodcase Pencil Classpack®. This Crayola colored pencils set does not leave a mess or risk of staining and offers a variety of colors to choose from. The set makes it easy to travel with, fitting inside of desks and backpacks. Begin your journey into the world of drawing with this great product.

    Is the Crayola Pencils Classpack Good for Children?

    This Crayola Colored Pencils Classpack is great for children ages six and above. These colored pencils are a step up from using crayons that younger kids use, allowing your child to graduate into a different type of artist. With a background in using crayons, your child can now adjust to pencil art, a more prominent form of drawing that schools utilize in middle-school and higher grades. Using the Crayola colored pencils gives your child a head start and the chance to exercise the creative side of his or her brain.

    What Is Included in Each Crayola Colored Woodcase Pencil Classpack?

    With a combination of sharpeners and pencils, the Crayola Colored Pencils Classpack is the perfect gift for children and adults that want to spend more time drawing. Each class pack includes a dozen sharpeners that can be stored in desks, drawers, and backpacks. There are pencil shades of each major color, allowing you to test various colors until you find your favorite one. Although an eraser is not included, the colors are assorted, making it easy to determine where along with the color scheme you'd like to start from. Imagine having the massive color palette that paint software offers in pencil form.

    What Type of Drawings Are Best for Crayola Colored Pencils?

    With so many colors to choose from, you can use the Crayola Colored Woodcase Pencil Classpack for color blending until you are satisfied. This works great in landscape drawing, allowing you to provide the depth of color that is necessary to make your drawings come to life. Also great for portrait drawings and character sketches.

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