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    Manufacturer: Cosamin

    Cosamin ASU for Joint Health 230 Capsules

    Glucosamine HCl 1500 mg. Chondroitin Sulfate 350 mg. ASU and AKBA. Helps Promote Joint Comfort & Mobility.
    GTIN: 680599379857

    Cosamin®ASU is our Advanced, Faster Acting Formula to help promote Joint Comfort.

    • 1500 mg Glucosamine HCl.
    • 350 mg Chondroitin Sulfate.
    • 400 mg of a concentrated blend that includes Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU), AKBA .(from Boswellia serrata), and Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract.
    • No FD&C Dyes.
    • Gluten-Free.

    Cosamin works at the cellular level to help promote joint comfort. Laboratory research demonstrates that the ingredients in Cosamin ASU contribute to a number of actions that benefit joint health.

    • Inhibit the production of certain degradative enzymes that break down the cartilage inside the joint.
    • Suppress the expression of specific markers1associated with joint discomfort and cartilage breakdown.

    Ingredients in Cosamin®ASU

    Cosamin ASU contains patented combinations of our trademarked ingredients to help promote joint comfort.

    Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU)
    - ASU is obtained from avocados and soybeans. ASU is an ingredient shown in published laboratory research to inhibit components associated with cartilage breakdown. ASU complements the positive effects of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

    Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate
     - The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate inhibits enzymes that break down cartilage in the joints. Clinical research demonstrates that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate can help promote joint comfort. Together, these ingredients have been shown in laboratory studies to protect joint cartilage better than either ingredient alone.

    AKBA from Boswellia serrata - The herbal extract of Boswellia serrata contains AKBA which is used to help promote joint health. It is an ingredient that has been scientifically researched to be faster acting than glucosamine alone.

    These active ingredients in Cosamin ASU work together to decrease certain markers associated with cartilage breakdown and joint discomfort.

    • Cartilage covers the surface of bones within the joint, serving as a smooth, resilient cushion that allows them to keep moving freely. Many types of stresses, both physical and biological, can cause increased production of proteins and chemicals associated with cartilage breakdown and reduced joint comfort. A delicate balance of breakdown and replacement of the structural parts of cartilage helps maintain a normal joint. Cosamin® is shown to work at the cellular level to help protect cartilage.

    • Tips to Promote Joint Health

      There are many ways to promote your joint health such as:
      • Eating healthy
      • Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight
      • Visiting your healthcare provider regularly
      • Taking dietary supplements
        Cosamin®ASU is made with the best science and high quality ingredients. Developed by a pharmacist, Cosamin®is made with the utmost care and integrity and is backed by over 80 quality checks to ensure that you are purchasing a high quality, premium joint health supplement. Additionally, Cosamin ASU has been rigorously tested by independent testing facilities to meet our high standards and yours.

    • NSF® Certification

      Cosamin®ASU is tested and certified by NSF International. NSF certification ensures that dietary supplements do not contain unacceptable levels of contaminants. NSF developed the only American National Standard for dietary supplements (NSF/ANSI 173) with participation from a balanced stakeholder group including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), other federal agencies, state regulatory agencies, manufacturers, retailers, industry trade associations and consumer groups. NSF has worked for over a decade with sports organizations, anti-doping agencies, and supplement manufacturers to evaluate and test these products and to help ensure their quality and safety.
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