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    Manufacturer: Lil Critters

    L'il Critters Calcium + D₃ 250 Gummy Bears

    Calcium 200 mg. Vitamin D3 220 IU. Natural Black Cherry, Orange & Strawberry Flavors
    SKU: P3-2OWM-SVY7
    GTIN: 027917001579

    L’il Critters Calcium + Vitamin D3make both kids and moms smile. One serving provides a good source of calcium and phosphorus, with only naturally sourced flavors, and the additional Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and overall bone health.*

    Did you know? One serving of L’il Critters Calcium + Vitamin D3contains:

    • 200 mg of Calcium for bone support*
    • 220 IU of Vitamin D for Calcium Absorption*
    • Good source of phosphorus
    • As much calcium as a 5 oz. glass of milk

    Why is Calcium Important?

    Did you know that calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body with 99% stored in the bones and teeth?1,2

    Calcium is essential for bone health by helping to provide strength and rigidity to bones.3,4

    Its partner, Vitamin D, encourages and improves calcium absorption from the gut and promotes bone mineralization to help strengthen bones.1,3

    Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation may help you meet the recommended intake to ensure you are feeding your bones nutrition they deserve.

    Doctor Tested Proven Nutrient Absorption†

    BIG news! L’il Critters is the ONLY gummy vitamin brand with Doctor Tested Proven Nutrient Absorption!†

    What does that mean for your child? It means the essential nutrients in their delicious vitamins are being successfully absorbed by their body, seamlessly supplying their system with the nourishing fuel it needs to be its very best! Simply put, we provide your child with what they need, when they need it.

    Discover the secret to a wholesome vitamin experience with Clinically Proven Absorption† to ensure your child is getting nutrition with confidence!

    †For Vitamins C&D in products that contain those nutrients

    Essential Nutrients
    Vitamin D
    Also known as the "sunshine vitamin," Vitamin D can provide bone and teeth support and helps promote calcium absorption. Did you know you can also find Vitamin D in salmon, tuna, eggs, and mushrooms?

    Help support your child's bone and teeth with Calcium. Some great natural food sources of calcium include milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, turnip greens, nuts, kelp, caviar, sardines, and tofu.

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