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    Manufacturer: SmartyPants

    Smarty Pants USDA Organic Kids & Toddler Complete Multivitamin 180 Vegetarian Gummies

    This Item is Only Available Online at USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO Project Verified & Gluten Free
    GTIN: 817053020936

    Because sometimes getting your kid to eat healthily can be a chore (and you already have enough of those). So when it comes to good nutrition, we’ve got them covered. SmartyPants Organic Kids and Toddler Complete is a premium certified-organic and AVA-certified vegetarian multifunctional daily supplement that includes omega-3 ALA (sourced from organic flaxseed oil)and more than 15 premium nutrients - all in one extra yummy serving.Our science-based formulas deliver premium ingredients without any synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. Plus, they’re gelatin-free!

    Get all the vitamins and essential nutrients parents want - in a vegetarian-friendly formulathat kids love. We understand that many adults and kids alike avoid consuming animal products for religious or dietary reasons. So, we developed our organic gummy supplements with you in mind.

    We base our formulas on recommendations from the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences, our Scientific Advisory board, and the latest science to ensure we’re including the highest-quality ingredients available, in forms that your body prefers and can easily use. We also utilize current research on dietary patterns. So, our supplements can fill typical nutrient gaps in the Western diet. Because we know kids don’t ask for seconds on kale. We’ve got this!


    Nothing fishy here. We include a vegetarian source of essential fatty acids, omega-3 ALA, from organic flaxseed oil.

    Vitamin A

    Help them be visionary with vitamin A for eye health. We include this essential nutrient as a premium 50/50 Beta-Carotene/Retinyl Palmitate mix to support your child's eyesight.

    Vitamin D

    We’re good to the bone with vitamin D in the premium form D3. D3 is the form your child’s body prefers and can easily use.

    • Vitamin B12

      You can’t protect them from everything, but you can help support their immune system with vitamin B12. We use the premium form, methylcobalamin, because it’s what your child’s body prefers.
    • Also found in...

      Brussels sprouts are another excellent source of this omega-3 ALA essential fatty acid. For those days when cruciferous vegetables might not make it to your kid’s plate. We've got them covered.
    • Also found in...

      Crunchy, nutritious, and perfect for snacking. Carrots are another good source of vitamin A. About half a cup of raw carrots contains more than 100 percent of the recommended daily value for this essential nutrient.
    • Also found in...

      Vitamin D3, the form that our bodies produce when exposed to UVB light, can also be found in eggs. But we've got a slightly sweeter option when it comes to letting the sunshine in.
    • Also found in...

      When it comes to B12, the world is your oyster. These shelled mollusks are another good source of this B vitamin. Is your child not a seafood fan? No need to clam up. Try our gummies!

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