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    Manufacturer: SmartyPants

    SmartyPants Kids' Complete Multivitamin 180 ct

    Contains 13 essential nutrients Omega-3 fish oil with EPA and DHA fatty acids Allergen and gluten-free Each purchase of SmartyPants kids' vitamins results in a 1-for-1 nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels
    GTIN: 851356004651

    Help your kids get the nutrients that they don't always get in their diets with SmartyPants® Kids Complete Multivitamin (180 ct.). With 13 essential nutrients and omega-3 fish oil, these delicious gummies make it easy to give your children what they need.

    What's in SmartyPants Multivitamins?

    SmartyPants Kids' Complete Multivitamin contains the essential nutrients that your child needs to reach the recommended daily intake. Each serving contains vitamins A, C, D and E. Additional vitamins include B-12, folate, B-6, thiamine, biotin, zinc and iodine. These vitamins also include omega-3 fatty acids that provide DHA and EPA, which support cognitive function, brain and eye development and may help with ADHD symptoms.

    Why Don't SmartyPants Vitamins Contain More Nutrients?

    SmartyPants Kids' Complete Multivitamin provides the 13 essential nutrients that are generally the most difficult for children to obtain through their diets. The manufacturers don't want to replace healthy eating habits with a supplement. Instead, they focus on these essential nutrients that even the most healthy diets often don't provide in the recommended amounts. Whether you have a picky child, one that doesn't eat a lot, or you just want to make sure your kids get everything they need, SmartyPants can help. By including the essential nutrients paired with omega-3 fatty acids, these gummies make it easy to provide the recommended nutrients in a single supplement.

    Discover the Flavor of SmartyPants Vitamins

    SmartyPants vitamins feature a pectin base that results in a uniquely smooth, velvety texture that kids love. The pectin is made from citrus peel, which adds its own hint of flavor. Natural flavors of strawberry banana, lemon and orange create a gummy that is sure to include your child's favorite flavors, making it even easier to help them get the nutrients they need.

    Do SmartyPants Vitamins Contain Allergens?

    SmartyPants kids' vitamins are free of the most common allergens. There are no eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, tree nuts or fish allergens, making them a safe option for most kids. The vitamins are also gluten-free and don't contain any non-GMO ingredients. The gummies are also free from artificial flavors, synthetic colors and artificial sweeteners, providing a supplement option that you can feel good about giving your child.

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