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    Manufacturer: Flintstones

    Flintstones Gummies Complete Vitamin Supplement 250 ct

    Now with calcium and vitamin K. Pediatricians' #1 choice. Flintstones toddler vitamins. Child-resistant cap.
    GTIN: 016500553823

    Flintstones™ Gummies Complete Vitamin Supplement 250 ct. have secured their place in the public consciousness as the first and last option when it comes to a chewable complete vitamin supplement. The iconic Flintstones gummies were first introduced with the advent of the inimitable cartoon series over 30 years ago. Kids went from dreading their daily vitamin to begging their parents to eat another. Flintstones toddler vitamins changed the lives of parents, babysitters, and anxious grandmothers everywhere when picky children discovered the tasty fruity flavor and gummy consistency they were used to having only in their favorite candies.

    Are Flintstones Complete Vitamins?

    Flintstones Complete Multivitamin satisfies the daily needs of toddlers and adolescents over the age of two with a specially formulated combination of over a dozen vitamins in a delicious gummy package. Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin Gummies fill in the gaps between an otherwise healthy diet and an active lifestyle and ensure that your kid is getting everything he or she needs to grow up happy and healthy. Vitamin D and calcium team up to fortify bone strength; vitamin C is supported by vitamin E and zinc to make sure their immune system has what it needs; vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, and pantothenic acid help maintain consistent energy levels; and vitamins A, C, and E combine to improve and maintain eye health.

    What's In Flintstone Gummy Vitamins?

    Flintstones Gummies Complete Vitamin Supplement contains all the unique and natural vitamins and minerals along with the delicious flavor that keeps kids coming back every day and forms the positive habits associated with daily health. By forming these reward cycles of habit when children are young, you can create a lifelong devotion to taking small actions every day towards overall wellness. This habit will pay immeasurable dividends over the course of a child's life and as they grow up. This type of habit can teach kids about the value of exercise, active lifestyle, eating vegetables and fruits, and in general practicing a well balanced dietary regimen.

    Can You Use Flintstones Toddler Gummies for Your Child?

    Flintstones gummies complete your child's needs for daily vitamins. Flintstones Gummies Complete Vitamin Supplement has been clinically proven to be safe for children over the age of two.

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