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    Manufacturer: Paul Sebastian

    Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne Spray 4 fl. oz.

    Fine mist cologne spray Suitable for day or nightwear. Since 1979. Paul Sebastian cologne gift set. Designed for men.
    GTIN: 716393810149

    If you're looking for a versatile scent that transitions from day to night, this Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne Spray is an option for you!

    Who Is Paul Sebastian?

    It is understandable that many consumers believe that Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne Spray carries the name of a legendary designer. However, this particular brand of men's cologne does not have the name for an individual scent creator. Instead, the name derives from the two men who created the scent, Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco. The pair developed their signature scent in the late 1970s, and it is still popular today.

    What Are the Scents in Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne Spray?

    As with most men's fragrances, Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne Spray has many layers to its scent. In the topmost layer, you notice hints of lavender, sage and nutmeg. As the smell develops, you notice ylang-ylang, jasmine and cloves. Finally, the base, or bottom, a layer of fragrances including musk, oakmoss, patchouli and amber. These scents work together in harmony.

    How Long Does Cologne Spray for Men Keep Its Good Smell?

    As with most men's spray cologne, the alcohol base never breaks down, allowing it to have a long shelf life. However, if you let the spray to sit for several years, you may notice the fragrances used to make Paul Sebastian cologne begin to fade. Oils used to scent cologne dissipate over time leaving older bottles to lose their pleasant aroma. This dissipation takes time, however, and you can easily store a bottle of cologne for two to two and a half years before you have to throw it out. It is best to save your spray bottle in a cool, dry place out of the direct sunlight.

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