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    Manufacturer: Cool Water

    Cool Water for Men 6.7 oz.

    Made with natural ingredients. Cool Water features a masculine scent of lavender, menthe, iris, sandalwood, and more. Convenient spray bottle for easy application.
    GTIN: 3607342359789

    Give off an air of masculinity with a scent that’s infused with lavender, menthe, iris, and musk. Davidoff® Cool Water for Men is a light aroma that will get you ready for your night on the town. This limited-edition natural spray will reinvigorate you and make you feel like you’re ready to take on anything. The earthy scent of musk, sandalwood, tobacco, and cedar is accented by menthe and iris for a pleasing odor. A touch of lavender, coriander, rosemary and amber help tone down the stronger perfumes to create an eau de toilette that is sure to catch the attention of those around you. Feel confident about yourself with the aroma of Cool Water for Men.

    What Makes Cool Water for Men a Natural Spray?

    This eau de toilette is made from natural ingredients that all blend together to create the signature aroma of Cool Water.

    For the Busy Man

    The strong scent of Cool Water provides a lasting scent that works both for hardworking men and those looking to hit the town. Davidoff’s natural spray is the perfect scent for an office environment. It’s not so strong that it will overpower the office but it’s present enough to leave you feeling good about how you smell.

    How Long Does the Scent of Cool Water for Men Last?

    The scent of Davidoff Cool Water lasts approximately three hours. It may stick around longer or dissipate quicker depending on your activity level. For a longer lasting scent, reapply every few hours.

    Storing Your Bottle of Cool Water Spray

    To preserve your bottle of Cool Water, keep it out of direct sunlight. The aroma can be compromised if the bottle is warmed for a prolonged period of time. Keep the cologne in a cool, dry place to prevent evaporation and prolong the pleasing scent of Cool Water.

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