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    Manufacturer: Ice Breakers

    Ice Breakers Mints Wintergreen 1.5 oz 8 pks

    Neutralizes breath with Neutazine. Less than five calories a serving. Handy tins perfect for stocking break room vending machines. Wintergreen flavor. Flavor crystals release breath freshening flavor.
    GTIN: 034000720606

    Keeping your breath minty fresh isn't easy during the workday. There is hardly an opportunity to steal a moment to brush your teeth after lunch. Instead, you can grab a package of Ice Breakers Mints, Wintergreen (1.5 oz., 8 pks.). The fresh, crisp flavor neutralizes breath odors, so you don't have to worry. With this 8-count package of 1.5 oz tins, you can place them in the breakroom to share with everyone.

    How Many Calories Per Ice Breakers Mints, Wintergreen?

    Icebreakers Mints Wintergreen candy has less than five calories per mint. Each 1.5-ounce container of wintergreen mints has approximately 425 mints. Using sugar substitutes reduces the overall calories by 40% from 3 calories per mint to two calories.

    Are the Ice Breakers Mints Sugar-Free?

    Ice Breakers brand mints are all sugar-free. These breath mints contain sorbitol, maltitol, artificial flavoring, magnesium stearate, gum acacia, soy lecithin and artificial color. They are sweetened with aspartame, specifically phenylketonurics. Anyone with allergies to any of these ingredients should not consume these breath mints.

    How Do Ice Breakers Mints, Wintergreen Cure Bad Breath?

    Ice Breakers contain a substance known as Neutrazin, which is a combination of ingredients. They work together to help neutralize bad breath and kill harmful bacteria that may be part of the underlying cause.

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