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    Manufacturer: Extra

    Extra Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum 15 ct 12 pks

    12 packs of 15 sticks. Ideal for resale in convenience stores and concession stands. Bold, sweet long-lasting cool mint flavor. Only 5 calories a stick.
    GTIN: 711403671147

    Extra® Polar Ice® Sugar-Free Gum (15 ct. 12 pks.) delivers a cool, sweet mint flavor that freshens your breath with a flavor that lasts. Each pack has 15 sticks so there's plenty to share with friends and family. Extra Polar Ice gum is sugar-free and has only 5 calories per stick so you can enjoy without any guilt.

    What Does Extra Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum Taste Like?

    While there are a lot of Extra gum flavors to choose from, Polar Ice gum really stands out. It has a sweet minty flavor that cools and refreshes your mouth as you chew. When you put a stick of Polar Ice gum in your mouth, you're hit with an initial punch of delicious mint. As you chew, bursts of flavor keep the freshness going for a long time.

    Who Makes Extra Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum?

    Wrigley's has been in the gum business since the 1890s and has developed a lot of innovative flavors over the years. In 1984, they introduced Extra, the first sugar-free gum that tasted great and had a long-lasting flavor. Within 5 years, Extra was the best-selling sugar-free gum worldwide. Extra Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum was introduced in the year 2000. While it was the fourth mint flavor introduced by Extra, it stands out with a bold taste all it's own.

    More Ways to Give Extra

    This is a large multi-pack of Polar Ice gum with 12 individually wrapped packs of 15 sticks each, the perfect size for resale. It's ideal for a convenience store or concession stand or placed next to the cash register at a coffee shop or deli for customers looking for a sweet minty treat. You can also buy a pack for yourself and keep a pack at home, in the car, in your bag, and even in your desk drawer so you can indulge anytime, anywhere.

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