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    Manufacturer: Hershey's

    Kit Kat Chocolate Candy Bars 1.5oz 36pk

    Contains layers of crisp wafers and milk chocolate. Compact, individually wrapped candy bars are easy to carry and gift to others. 36-count box of candy bars is easy to store in pantries and cabinets. Net weight: 3.78 lbs (60.48 oz). Kosher wafer bars.
    GTIN: 340002460007

    This 36-count pack of 1.5 oz Kit-Kat? Wafer Bars helps make it easy to enjoy a sweet, flavorful snack just about anywhere. And since they?re small and individually wrapped, you can comfortably carry them while you?re on the go.

    What's in a Kit Kat Wafer Bar?

    After you take your first bite, you can easily recognize its satisfying crunch and creamy taste. In fact, this unique combination of flavor and texture can leave you wondering exactly what?s inside the Kit Kat bar. Within each bar is a unique combination of rich milk chocolate, light crispy wafers and an array of other ingredients that can give you the pick-me-up you need after a long day.

    Are Kit Kat Wafer Bars Vegetarian?

    If you happen to be a vegetarian, you?re in luck. Kit Kat wafer bars are eggless and gelatin-free, making them 100 percent suitable for vegetarians who want to enjoy the sweet burst of energy that these milk chocolate bars can provide. If you?re a vegetarian and are searching for a quick, fun snack, then don?t hesitate to grab a few of these wafer bars.

    Easily Accessible for Everyone

    This 36-count pack houses 36 Kit Kat wafer bars within one large box. This convenient box is designed to open up and allow everyone to grab his or her candy with almost zero effort, making it great for home, schools, concession stands and much more. If you need to provide snacks to a large number of people, a box like this offers a convenient solution.

    Advantageous for All

    The box itself is made out of solid cardboard, which gives it the hefty exterior that it needs to safely contain every piece of chocolate. This solid construction also makes the box safe for storage in a variety of different places. Additionally, each wafer chocolate bar is wrapped within plastic, which makes them travel-friendly. Whether you want to grab a few to enjoy with lunch or pack some into your child?s backpack, you can expect pleasant convenience.

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