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    Manufacturer: Extra

    Extra Spearmint Sugar Free Chewing Gum 15 ct 12 pks

    Stock up on EXTRA Spearmint chewing gum packs. 12 packs with 15 sticks per pack. Stay focused with sugar free gum. Individually wrapped gum. Chew spearmint gum after your morning coffee or lunch break.
    GTIN: 022000127044

    EXTRA knows: When you give EXTRA, you get extra. With a total of 180 sticks in this sugar free spearmint gum pack, you have unlimited ways to share the joy of your favorite chewing gum. This bulk gum pack features 12 packs of refreshing EXTRA Spearmint Gum. Each pack includes 15 individually wrapped sticks of bold spearmint gum flavor, making it easy to enjoy fresh breath on the go. EXTRA Sugar Free Gum gives you long-lasting flavor for any occasion. Give a piece to your co-pilot on your next road trip, stock up with this bulk gum pack for the office, or hand it out to your family when they need something fresh to get their day started. Fill the pantry with bulk gum and never miss a moment to give EXTRA. Stock up on chewing gum for home or the office so you always have breath-freshening flavor on hand. Keep a pack of EXTRA sugar free spearmint gum at your desk for a delicious way to help you stay focused. Find crisp, invigorating refreshment from head to toe with EXTRA Sugar Free Spearmint Gum. When you give EXTRA, you get so much more in return.

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