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    Manufacturer: Ticonderoga

    Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Wood Pencil with Eraser HB 2 Yellow Barrel 12pk

    PMA certified non-toxic. A large diameter is ideal for small hands. Ideal primary pencils for kindergarten and new writers.
    GTIN: 072067133083

    The Dixon® Ticonderoga® Beginners® Wood Pencil with Eraser, HB #2, Yellow Barrel, 12pk. is the teacher's choice for students' first pencil. These wide-diameter pencils fit great in little hands, while the flattened sides save them from rolling away when not in use. Ticonderoga Beginner pencils are great for schools and home use alike and offer better value with this economy pack from Sam's Club.

    Are These Traditional Woodcase Pencils?

    These pencils are made from wood, featuring a yellow barrel and thick black lead that runs down the middle of the pencil casing. These HB #2 lead pencils are practically identical to the classic Ticonderoga Standard pencils that everyone remembers from school, but in a wider size for better control for those who are just getting started with writing.

    What Ages Are Ticonderoga Fat Pencils Appropriate For?

    There is no age limit on Ticonderoga primary pencils. Although they are typically used by children between the ages of 2 to 6, Dixon understands that more than age determines what you need in a pencil. Those who have smaller hands or struggle with dexterity and control can benefit from these pencils, regardless of their age. They are great for new learners and those who are relearning fine motor skills or just need a little more support.

    Where Can I Buy the Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Wood Pencil With Eraser?

    These My First Ticonderoga pencils are available to Club members online only. There is a minimum quantity of six (6) per order, and free shipping is included with every purchase. Currently, this item cannot be purchased in Club locations. These pencils can be added to a subscription plan for easy automatic re-delivery.

    What Other Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils Are Available?

    Dixon Ticonderoga has been around for more than two centuries, making its mark in the world of writing instruments and art supplies. They have a number of pencils and writing products available on the market, including specialty items like the Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Wood Pencil With Eraser. Club members can also find various sizes of multi-packs of standard size Ticonderoga pencils, pre-sharpened pencils, recycled writing instruments, and more.

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