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    Manufacturer: Twizzlers

    Twizzlers Twists Strawberry Flavored Candy 57.5 oz 180 ct

    180-count pack of strawberry Twizzlers. Individually wrapped for resale. A tasty, travel-friendly snack. Low in fat. Kosher.
    GTIN: 689859895816

    An instant classic, you can use Twizzlers Twists to please your guests. One order brings you 180 strawberry Twizzlers.

    What are Twizzlers Twists?

    This selection features a massive collection of strawberry Twizzlers that can soothe your sweet tooth. Made with a yummy strawberry flavor, these tasty treats are also low in fat, making them easy to enjoy.

    Who Makes These Twizzlers Twists?

    Strawberry Twizzlers come from The Hershey Company, which is currently one of the largest candy companies in the entire world. Since its founding over a century ago, the company has continued to pursue their goal of spreading goodness throughout the world.

    What Can I Do with Twizzlers?

    Although you can savor the strawberry flavor right out of the package, you can create interesting recipes, too. If you feel like experimenting, try chopping up your Twizzlers into tiny pieces. Then, toss your pieces onto yogurt, ice cream, or oatmeal for additional sweetness. And if you like to bake, place your Twizzlers within the batter to enhance your cookies, muffins, and cakes.

    Easy to Carry Around

    Each Twizzlers candy is individually wrapped, so you can carry one with you wherever you go. Thin and lightweight, Twizzlers can be stored in your bag, purse, and even your pocket with ease. With strawberry Twizzlers, you can curb your appetite almost anywhere. If you get hungry at the office or in the library, simply peel back to packaging and chow down on the sweet goodness.

    Large Pack Makes Offers Advantages

    With 180 strawberry Twizzlers in one container, this is ideal for feeding a crowd. If you’d like to treat your employees, coworkers, students, family, or friends, this will do the trick. And since the individual packs can be easily removed, this container gives everyone the freedom to grab as many as they like. This can also help you keep the pantry filled with tasty snacks.

    Storage is Safe and Simple

    Since these Twizzlers come in a large plastic container, the delicate candy will remain safe from harm. In addition, you can easily stack this container among other items, creating room in your storage room or pantry. This container also contains a resealable lid, which can keep the strawberry Twizzlers fresh.

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