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    Manufacturer: Lifesavers

    Lifesavers Gummies 4.2 oz 15 pks

    Gummy candies with the classic Lifesavers shape. Comes in a display case ready for resale making this ideal for concessions stands, vending machines, and convenient stores. Lifesavers Gummies flavors include Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Orange, Pineapple.
    GTIN: 644220227283

    These Lifesavers Gummies (4.2 oz., 15 pks.) are the perfect way to have a "hole" lot of fun throughout your day. They are mouthwatering gummy candies that come in five different flavors, and are the perfect size to keep in your pocket or purse. So whether you are at home, in the office, running errands or traveling, you can always have Lifesavers Gummies on hand to meet a craving for sweets.

    How Many Flavors Are There of Lifesavers Gummies?

    The Lifesavers Gummies variety pack comes with five yummy flavors: cherry, watermelon, raspberry, orange and pineapple. There are also fifteen individual packs in this purchase, and each one can be resold in vending machines, convenience stores, food carts and more. You'll also have enough to keep your pantry at home or the office stocked with plenty of Lifesavers Gummies treats for friends, families, and office workers.

    How Do You Store Lifesavers Gummies?

    These gummy candies are simple to store throughout the year by keeping them in a cool, dry place. You'll also want to ensure that the storage area is at room temperature. Like other candies and sweets, Lifesavers Gummies is best when kept out of direct sunlight.

    Why is There a Hole in Lifesavers Candy?

    Back in 1922, a man by the name of Clarence Crane came up with the original Lifesavers candy. When he did, he wanted a round candy with a hole that was punched through the center. Because this inadvertently took on the shape of a flotation device, the name "Lifesavers" was a simple and easy pick.

    Lifesavers Gummies Make Great Treats for All Occasions

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, stuffing bags for Halloween, or want to add a little flavorful candy for Valentine's Day, Lifesavers Gummies can meet those needs. They're also perfect to use as an after-school treat or to stuff in lunch boxes for not only the kids, but yourself as well.

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