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    Black Forest Gummy Bears 6 lbs

    Juicy gummy bears made with real fruit juice. Resealable 6 pound bag is perfect for sharing or using as a favorite dessert topping. Colors from real sources.
    Manufacturer part number: Ferrara Candy Co.
    GTIN: 041420746086

    Black Forest® Gummy Bears (6 lbs.) come in a variety of colors from real sources and are made with real fruit juice. They are fat-free and each one tastes as delicious as the next handful. They are definitely a fan favorite.

    What Are the Specifications of Black Forest Gummy Bears?

    These organic Black Forest Gummy Bears are carefully made with selected ingredients to give you a juicy, soft texture and fruity flavor that is not found anywhere else. When you have a sudden desire for a snack, the Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears are full of mouthwatering taste and a specific mix of organic ingredients that found in no other gummy.

    You will absolutely love them with the first bite and you will not want to stop at just one. Share them with those around you and you will be the favorite.

    What Are the Specifications for organic Black Forest Gummy Bears?

    These delicious and juicy Gummy Bears are gluten and fat-free. They come in a 6-pound resealable bag. Black Forest Gummy bears are made with colors sourced from nature. No artificial colors are used at all.

    There are six flavors which are made from real fruit juice; strawberry, apple, orange, cherry, lemon and pineapple. Go ahead grab a handful. Try them all!

    Where Can I Purchase Black Forest Gummy Bears?

    The absolutely best place to buy these savory gummy bears is at Sam's Club. Stock up on these favorite treats - they are popular with all ages, and since they include real fruit juice and natural colors, they make a healthy snack for kids and adults.

    When Can Organic Gummy Bears Be Enjoyed?

    With each bite as delicious as the next, they can be eaten as a snack or even used as a dessert topping. Take them to the park, sporting events, hiking or enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

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