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    Titanfine Disposable Vinyl Gloves Medium 100 ct.

    Pleated Safe non toxic Comfortable Disposable
    SKU: 400002503071
    GTIN: 763583501752

    These 3-ply protective mask are very breathable and super comfortable to wear. It's your perfect personal protection that is easy to fit with the size and face ear loops. The mask is safe, non-surgical and non-toxic while providing proper filtration. Before putting on a mask, make sure you have clean hands and you are wearing the mask properly to ensure full protection. This mask is purposed for single use only, do not reuse as they can only be worn for three to four hours. It is better to dispose and change mask regularly to have the best protection. These 3-ply masks also provide a great defense against dust, allergens and pollen and are still safe to use both domestically and professionally. Keep mask ready to go in your home or car to always be prepared. Do not share face mask, always remember this is for personal use and is disposable. These mask are so simple to use and perfect when running everyday public errands or doing yard and garden work.

    Product Features:

    • Pleated
    • Safe non toxic

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