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    Manufacturer: Spring Valley

    Spring Valley Slow Release Iron 45mg

    Iron dietary supplement with slow-release delivery system Gives you the high-potency iron you need with the gentleness you want
    SKU: B8-AZO7-JTZ4
    GTIN: 681131071789

    Spring Valley Slow-Release Iron Tablets are a supplement for iron deficiency and anemia when the need for this supplementation has been determined by a physician. The 45mg of elemental iron in each tablet is equivalent to 142mg of ferrous sulfate. Iron is vital for healthy red blood cell formation. The slow-release iron supplement comes in a convenient 30-count bottle. This time-release delivery system gently provides high-potency iron and may reduce symptoms associated with immediate-release iron tablets. The small iron dietary supplement tablets are also easy to swallow. They can be taken in a once-a-day dosage.

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