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    Manufacturer: Old Spice

    Old Spice Pure Sport Deodorant 3 oz 5 pk

    High-endurance, long-lasting formula. Old Spice Pure Sport Deodorant offers 24-hour protection. A modern update on Old Spice deodorant scents.
    GTIN: 001204402225


    Old Spice is a classic American brand that has made a comeback with its new range of Old Spice deodorant scents. Old Spice Pure Sport Deodorant is specially crafted for athletic men who need a strong formulation to keep body odor at bay.

    What's So Lovable About Old Spice Pure Sport Deodorant?

    This Old Spice deodorant is a refreshing addition to the brand's line of classic scents. It has a mild scent that isn't overpowering. This Old Spice deodorant also serves as an antiperspirant that works to help keep you cool and dry throughout the day. It's capable of overpowering body odor without being too strong on the senses. This Old Spice deodorant is designed to keep you protected long enough for you to enjoy a day at the office and a night out on the town without wearing off.

    Is There a Variety of Old Spice Deodorant Scents?

    Old Spice produces different varieties of deodorants. The Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant is just one of its many products in the market. If you want to try a different Old Spice deodorant, there are several different fragrances to choose from. Each of these provides long hours of sweat protection and leaves you feeling fresh and dry even after a day of sweat and hard work.

    About Old Spice Deodorant

    Old Spice is one of the most recognizable deodorant brands in the market. Its range of products adds a touch of swagger to personal care products.

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