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    Manufacturer: Degree

    Degree Men Dry Protection Anti-Perspirant Cool Rush 2.7 oz 5 pk

    Body-heat activated formula. Works harder when you do. All-day protection. Cool Rush scent.
    GTIN: 079400500595


    Degree® Men Dry Protection Anti-Perspirant, Cool Rush (2.7 oz., 5 pk.) keeps you dry all day long. Degree antiperspirant has been formulated to combat increased levels of moisture when you work your hardest. This deodorant kicks in extra protection as you sweat more, keeping you dry and smelling fresh no matter how hard you're going.

    Which Deodorants Work Best For Athletes?

    Deodorants that don't stop working when athletes do are best. Whether you're exercising, playing a game, or just out in the summer heat, you need a deodorant that works as hard as you do. Degree Sport deodorant has a special body heat-activated formula that saves its best for when you need it most.

    Where Do You Need Protection Against Moisture?

    Most people put on deodorant right after the shower, but what if you forgot or want to keep an extra stick of deodorant somewhere else, just in case? This five-pack of Degree men's deodorant gives you the flexibility to stay fresh wherever you are. Keep one at the house for normal use. Stash another in your office drawer for when you need that extra bit of freshness before a big meeting or when you head out to drinks after work. Throw one in your gym back so that you're ready to go wherever you want after you've been toning up. Most importantly, you know you'll have a spare ready to go so you'll never have to deal with that sinking feeling of stepping out of the shower and realizing you're out of deodorant.

    What Does Degree Sport Deodorant Smell Like?

    Degree men's stick deodorant has been infused with a special scent called Cool Rush. Cool Rush is a subtle, masculine scent that is equal parts clean and refreshing. Rather than overpower you with intense smells and ingredients, Degree men's deodorant is for those who just want a little extra fragrance to help them smell their best.

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