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    Manufacturer: General Mills

    Mott's Medleys Assorted Fruit Snacks Gluten Free 0.8 oz 90 ct

    Gummy treats made with real fruit and veggie juice*. No artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Contains no gelatin, gluten, artificial flavors or colors; 80 calories and fat free. Fruit pouches in your favorite fruit shapes; the perfect snacks for kids. A tasty snack that is fat free with 100% daily value vitamin C.
    GTIN: 016000477278

    Mott's Medley Assorted Fruit Flavored Snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juice. You won't find any gelatin, gluten, artificial flavors, or colors from artificial sources. That means there is more goodness in every fruit-shaped piece. These fruit gummies are naturally flavored. Kids love the delicious fruit flavor, and moms like that there are no artificial flavors in Mott’s Variety Fruit Snacks. Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks not only taste great, but are made with flavors and colors from natural sources and each pouch provides 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

    The Story Behind Mott's Fruit Snacks

    In 1842, Mott's company founder, Samuel R. Mott, began growing, harvesting, and packaging high-quality apples in New York, after learning techniques from his grandfather. After years of creating healthy apple-centric products that Americans loved, Mott's introduced Mott's Fruit Snacks in 2010. Made with two total fruit and vegetable servings per bag, these Mott's gummies were an instant favorite because of how easy it was for parents to give kids the fruits and veggies they need.

    Where, When and How to Eat Healthy Fruit Snacks?

    • Pop Mott's Medleys them in your kiddo's lunch box alongside a whole wheat sandwich and fresh fruits for a healthy lunch.
    • Resell these individually wrapped fruit snacks in convenience stores, concession stands and vending machines.
    • Use healthy fruit snacks as a sweet incentive for little ones who complete chores or homework.
    • Sprinkle these gummy fruit snacks on frozen yogurt, sherbet, or ice cream for a fruity burst of flavor.
    • Make a kids' slumber party even more fun by topping dessert pizzas with Mott's Medley Assorted Fruit Snacks.

    Kids Love Mott's

    Mott's Medley Assorted Fruit Snacks are a perfect after-school snack that's a win for you and your kids. Each 0.8-ounce pouch has 80 calories. Made with real fruit and vegetable juice, these kids’ snacks are great for after school, lunch boxes and on the go. Never run out of your child’s favorite fruit gummies with a 90-count box of Mott’s Fruit Snacks. Best of all, they fit perfectly in lunch bags. Make car rides a little more delicious. These fruit snacks are great for driving to soccer practice or on a road trip. There's on-the-go goodness in every fruit-shaped piece.

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