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    Manufacturer: Blend

    Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks Variety Pack 0.32 oz 20 ct

    Orchard Blend and Apple Harvest. Bite-size pieces are great for kids and adults. Perfect for snacking baking or adding to trail mix, salads, and yogurt. Meets "Smart Snacks" in school guidelines.
    GTIN: 036800448308

    Sensible Foods' unique crunch dried process creates an incredibly flavorful taste and crispy crunch texture while retainingĀ an exceptionally high amount of the fruit's nutritional value. Fruits are picked at the peak of ripeness before drying, giving you a snack that's healthy in nature and guilt-free. Products are pouched in a proprietary protective packaging to ensure high quality, crunch all the way through to the last bite.

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