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    GuruNanda Contact-Less Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults & Kids - Instant, Accurate - Baby Safe with LCD Display

    GuruNanda's Infrared Thermometer measures temperature in seconds Infrared technology reads temperature without any physical contact. GuruNanda's Infrared Thermometer is convenient and easy to use Designed for comfort: safe to use amount all ages
    SKU: 810051080186

    GuruNanda provides a great solution to taking temperatures of your loved ones, employees, or large crowds with their No-Touch Infrared Thermometer. The no-touch feature allows for a hygienic way to take temperatures. The backlit LED displays the temperature within seconds. Just point at the temple, wait for the beep and get results quickly without any hassle.

    How To Use

    1. Turn the thermometer on by pressing the "SCAN/Power" Button. To choose mode, press "Scan/Power" button to change to shutoff mode. There will be a beep sound and the screen will indicate with a "C", which means the device is ready for use.
    2. Place the thermometer probe point near the forehead and press"SCAN/Power" button and release after ~1 second and the thermometer will beep and display the accurate temperature. Whenever consecutive readings are required, please wait for at least 5 seconds. The above procedure can be repeated as many times as required.
    3. To turn off the device, press and hold the "SCAN/Power" button for ~5 seconds and the thermometer will turn off automatically after ~60 seconds

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