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    Manufacturer: Command

    Command Poster Strips Small White 48ct

    Strong mounting strips for posters. 3M Command picture hanging strips great for most surfaces. Removes cleanly and leaves no residue.
    GTIN: 051131847644

    Tired of leaving behind tiny holes every time you want to hang a frameless poster? Don’t want to ruin the integrity of your print with a nail? Try using Command™ Poster Strips, Small, White, 48 ct. Each strip has the strength to hold small and large posters without causing damage to your wall or the print. These easy-to-use adhesives are peel-and-stick with no need for additional activators like water. You’ll be hanging posters in every room of the house with this pack of Command Poster Strips.

    How Much Weight Can Command Strips Hold?

    All Command strips are weighted to hold up to one pound.

    How Do I Use Command Poster Strips?

    To hang your poster, select the desired spot on your wall. Take four adhesive strips and remove the backing on each. Apply them to the four corners of your poster and gently press until adhered in place. Then remove the second backing and carefully line the poster up so it’s straight and even. Firmly press each corner against the wall, ensuring the poster remains flat.

    Are Command Poster Strips Reusable?

    Command strips are designed for one-time-use. Once removed from the wall, the adhesive will be diminished. Attempting to use again could damage your poster.

    What Surfaces Do 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips Work On?

    3M Command picture hanging strips are designed to work on painted walls, concrete or cinder blocks, metal, laminates, tile, glass, and varnished wood. They won’t leave behind a residue that damages your walls. Using Command strips keeps you from having to break out the hammer and nails and reduces the number of holes in your drywall.

    A Strong Stick That’s Safe for Walls and Posters

    Command Poster Strips, Small, White offers a strong and durable hold for your posters and art prints. The adhesive won’t damage your poster and will let it lay flat against the wall for the cleanest appearance.

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