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    Manufacturer: Command

    Command Assorted Size Refill Strips White 16ct

    Heavy-duty Command strips for reusing Command-brand products. Doesn't damage your wall like tape. No need to use tools anymore. A simple way to put up decorations. Easy to use.
    GTIN: 051131792685

    When it comes to redecorating, the last thing you want to do is put more holes in your home. Using a hammer and nails to hang those beautiful family photos also makes future renovations difficult. Upon removal of decorations, the holes are revealed, forcing you to do additional work and spend extra money. You can avoid using tools that make the installation of simple items difficult and damaging to your wall with the Command™ Assorted Size Refill Strips, White, 16ct. With existing Command products in your home, easily refill the strips and continue your decorations, without damaging your walls.

    How Do Command Assorted Size Refill Strips Work?

    The mounting tape works as a great substitute for double-sided sticky tape. A strong double-sided tape could tear paint off of your wall, doing as much damage as leaving holes or using other tools. The purpose of the Command Assorted Size Refill Strips is to prevent the need to repaint surfaces and simplify redecorations. The heavy-duty command strips can be inserted into the command hooks to ensure they continue to work properly. When used with the heavy-duty command hooks, the refill strips reliably hold your photos and other items up.

    Can the Command Assorted Size Refill Strips Be Used for Clothes?

    If you need to hang your clothes outside of your closet, you can easily install a row of heavy-duty command hooks along the wall. Using the refills will ensure they work properly for months to come. Hang a variety of clothes, including shirts, sweaters, and pants. Replacing the heavy-duty command strips once in a while keeps everything hanging without tearing apart the wall.

    How Much Weight Can the Command Hooks Hold?

    Command strips are made for hooks that hold three different weights, including one, three, and five pounds at a time. This includes most articles of clothing besides heavy suits and various sizes of framed pictures. Jewelry and other accessories can easily be used with the Command hooks.

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