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    Manufacturer: Command

    Command Hooks Small 1 lb Capacity White 9 Hooks &12 Strips

    3M Command Hooks are perfect for remodeling rooms. No need to damage walls. No tools are necessary. Strong adhesive. Hang portraits, jewelry, and more.
    GTIN: 051141993140

    Whether you've just finished remodeling your room, or are looking to fill up those empty spaces on the wall, portraits and paintings always make a great option. With the Command™ Hooks, you can easily fill up wall space. No need to grab tools, peel paint or put holes into your wall. These hooks include the Command adhesive strips, which are easy to apply to surfaces. Unlike using a hammer and nails, you don't have to risk damaging your wall or hurting yourself.

    How Can I Use the Command Hooks to Decorate my Home?

    These 3M wall hooks are reliable and can hold many types of items. For those interested in making a complete redesign of their walls, 3M Command Hooks can hold simple decorations such as small mirrors, mementos, and crafts. For holidays, you can use multiple 3M wall hooks to hang longer pieces, including ropes with elegant designs. In kitchens, the hooks work great in holding cooking utensils and gloves.

    Which Colors would the Command Hooks Work Great With?

    Each package includes multiple white hooks that would work perfectly with darker colors. This works great in bedrooms that are designed after sports teams. The 3M picture hangers can be used for holding pictures of your child's favorite players and as a hanger for keeping jerseys on the wall. You can also use the hooks for sports memorabilia, hats, necklaces, and other types of fan gear. While many rooms that apply the 3M picture hanging strips are in darker colors, the white color also complements lighter shades.

    Are the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips Easy to Use?

    The 3M Command Picture Hangers only take a few steps to set up and completely replace the need to use a hammer, nails, and other products that could damage your wall. First, remove a hook from the package and place it on the intended spot. Then, remove the bottom portion and press on the wall hook firmly. After only one hour, the hook will be firmly latched onto the wall and ready to use.

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