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    Manufacturer: Alka Seltzer

    Alka-Seltzer Original Antacid Effervescent Tablets 116 ct

    Alka-Seltzer tablets are made with a fast-acting formula Relieves heartburn, upset stomach and acid indigestion Alka-Seltzer antacid can also provide relief from headache and body aches
    GTIN: 0 16500 51447 3

    Get relief from a range of digestive troubles with Alka-Seltzer® Original Antacid Effervescent Tablets. They work effectively to relieve issues such as sour stomach, heartburn, headache and body ache. It can allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about possible discomforts later. This Alka Seltzer tablets pack contains 116 individual tablets for long-lasting use or to relieve your entire family of minor health issues.

    What Can Alka-Seltzer Original Antacid Effervescent Tablets be Used For?

    Alka-Seltzer antacid provides quick relief against heartburn and indigestion by dissolving the excess acid that may have built up in your stomach. It can also be used to combat an upset or sour stomach as well as body pain or a headache. If you have overindulged on your favorite food and are feeling discomfort, take an Alka-Seltzer Original to give yourself relief. In the case of sleeplessness, Alka-Seltzer Plus Night provides relief against heartburn and can help you enjoy a comfortable night's rest. If you're experiencing body pain and headache, take Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu to provide yourself relief. Body aches arising out of fever can be temporarily subsided with Alka-Seltzer Cold. This medicine is available over-the-counter, so precaution against overuse must be taken to prevent any side effects.

    What Are the Active Ingredients Present in Alka-Seltzer Original Antacid Effervescent Tablets?

    Alka-Seltzer tablets contain three primary ingredients, which include anhydrous citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and aspirin. Aspirin acts as a pain reliever and helps treat inflammation in the joints. Sodium bicarbonate has antacid properties to dissolve the excess acid accumulation in the stomach. Citric acid reacts with water and sodium bicarbonate to create the fizz that gives an effervescent appearance.

    About Alka-Seltzer

    Alka-Seltzer has been around since 1931 and is mainly used as a medicine for treating discomfort against excess acid accumulation in the stomach. It also has a sister product that focuses on treating cold and flu symptoms.

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