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    Align Probiotic Supplement 84 ct

    Align® Probiotic Supplement is a top-ranked probiotic powder by doctors and gastroenterologists 24/7 digestive balance with probiotic supplements Promote and support your healthy digestive function with the Align supplement With natural probiotic strain B. infantis 35624, Align digestive care is truly unique Combat digestive issues due to strain or travel with this natural supplement
    SKU: 7M-DH5V-S1I4
    GTIN: 037000784272

    This Align® Probiotic Supplement (84 ct.) fortifies your natural digestive system through its entirely unique blend of probiotic ingredients, including B. infantis 35624, which makes it the only probiotic powder with this effective ingredient.

    How Often Should the Align Probiotic Supplement Be Used?

    The Align supplement has been designed by gastroenterologists for safe and effective daily use. One daily dose is all that is needed to enjoy the benefits of probiotics and beneficial bacteria. It can be taken at any time and will provide the same benefits if taken upon waking or before bed each night.

    Why Does the Align Probiotic Supplement Come in the 84 Count?

    While many over the counter products use a rounded 30-day supply, the Align probiotic is sold in this 84 count to give three sets of 28 capsules, as 28 days is an exact four week supply. Taking a single supplement each day means buyers enjoy exactly 12 full weeks of Align digestive care in each package. This also makes it likely that shoppers get the best price for Align probiotic through the bulk purchase.

    Should the Align Probiotic Supplement Be Refrigerated?

    Though probiotic supplements such as Align contain millions of colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria, the B. infantis 35624 are freeze dried and do not need any refrigeration to remain stable. Using by the expiration date and storing in the sealed package also ensures optimal results. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends storing the product at temperatures below 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Is Align Gluten-Free?

    Yes, the formula has been designed to help anyone enjoy its benefits. It is gluten-free, and made from that patented strain of bacteria. This is why it can so easily combat digestive upset triggered by everything from stress and travel to unexpected changes in the routine that can cause many changes in the body.

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