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    Manufacturer: Air Wick

    Air Wick Scented Oil 6 Refills Warmer Air Freshener Choose Your Scent

    Choose from several Air Wick scents to enhance your living space. Ideal for use in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and hallways. Air Wick freshener contains essential oils for excellent fragrance anywhere. Offers up to 45 days of long-lasting fragrance per refill. Package contains one warmer and a total of six refills.
    GTIN: 062338937922

    When you use Air Wick® Scented Oil 6 Refills + Warmer, Air Freshener (Choose your scent), you'll be treated to fantastic scents that enhance any indoor living space. There are five unique fragrance levels to choose from, allowing you to decide how much fragrance is present at any time. Changing the fragrance amount requires nothing more than turning the top of the Air Wick warmer to the left or the right.

    How Long Will Air Wick Scented Oil 6 Refills + Warmer, Air Freshener Last?

    Each Air Wick pure scent can provide up to 45 days of continuous fragrance in a low setting. Higher settings will offer fewer days or fragrance but a more concentrated scent that family members and guests will appreciate. Turn one on high in the bathroom and leave one on medium in the bedroom or otherwise set your Air Wick refills to work best with your lifestyle and needs.

    Choice of Air Wick Scents to Fit Your Home

    Several Air Wick scents are available to meet everyone's tastes and preferences. Try Woodland Mystique for a scent with musk or Snuggle to make your home smell fresh and clean. Other fragrance scents available include Magnolia & Cherry Blossom, Lavender & Chamomile, Cherry Blossom, and Island Paradise. Try them all by rotating through the various Air Wick scents when purchasing refills.

    Where Can Air Wick Scented Oil 6 Refills + Warmer, Air Freshener Be Used?

    The Air Wick warmer can be used in any room where you need a boost of scent. The plug-in Air Wick freshener is convenient and easy to use. It will provide a wonderfully blending fragrance in your family room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. It's also ideal for use in an office or other indoor space where a touch of fragrance is desired.

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