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    Manufacturer: Spa Sciences

    Spa Sciences NOVA Sonic Cleansing Brush with Patented

    Better than a spinning brush. Cleanses pores while brushing away dead skin. For soft, rejuvenated skin.
    GTIN: 0086002100118


    Younger looking, radiant skin starts with clean skin! Dermatologists agree that properly cleansing and exfoliating the skin is the most critically important step in any skincare routine if you really want a flawless, youthful and radiant complexion.

    Features & Benefits

    This product is dermatologist recommended and features state-of-the-art sonic technology. NOVA’s brush bristles move at sonic speeds of approximately 300 times per second, 18,000 times per minute to thoroughly cleanse the pores while brushing away dead skin.

    Sonic cleansing technology is better for your skin than traditional spin cleansing, which can tug and pull on it. Sonic vibrations deep cleanse and exfoliate without disrupting the skin's natural barrier, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Patented Antimicrobial Protection NOVA’s Brush Heads feature patented fresh brush protection that helps to guard them against 99%+ stain and odor causing bacteria. NOVA is dramatically better than hands at removing dirt, oil and makeup from the skin. In fact, NOVA is an impressive 7 X better at cleansing your skin than your hands.

    Additional Features

    Multi-Benefit Technology NOVA has a 2-in-1 beauty benefit system that allows you to simultaneously cleanse and exfoliate your skin in one simple step. Waterproof NOVA is waterproof so you can store it right in the bath or shower where you need it most! NOVA features a helpful cleansing timer that alerts you every 20 seconds to move to the next cleansing area.

    NOVA features a 100% active brush head where all 32,000 brush bristles oscillate sonically to provide the best possible clean, especially in hard to reach places like around the nose area. NOVA features super soft brush heads with brush bristles that have been buffed for protection so they won’t irritate or scratch the skin.

    NOVA features a limited 1-year warranty so that you can purchase with confidence. Cleanse with confidence knowing that NOVA is dermatologist recommended. Enjoy the added convenience of a multi-hour max running battery life. NOVA is powered by a USB rechargeable NiMH battery that is safe for travel in carry-on luggage or checked baggage (lithium-free). NOVA features 3 optional speed settings so that you can personalize your cleanse to meet your skin’s custom needs. NOVA features 3 speed settings to fit your needs.

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