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    Manufacturer: Sharpie

    Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers Black 24 Count

    Fine-tip permanent marker. Best permanent marker for many uses. Black permanent marker. Two, 12-count packages. Long-lasting porous point tip.
    GTIN: 071641370012

    Finding a way to label or decorate items permanently can be tricky. Using Sharpie® Ultra-Fine Permanent Markers, Black, 24 count gives you the control you want when decorating. These black markers are ideal for labeling items in a classroom or outlining your designs.

    Are Sharpie Permanent Markers Toxic?

    All Sharpie Ultra-Fine Point Markers are non-toxic. These pens have an AP certification. Parents should still monitor their children while using. Despite its non-toxic status, you should never ingest the ink.

    Can You Draw on Clothes with Sharpie Markers?

    Yes, these markers are one of the more popular brands of markers to decorate fabrics. It would be best if you held the fabric taut to make sure that the designs have smooth lines. In rare instances, you can remove accidental inking if you treat the stain immediately. However, due to its nature, it may not come out of clothing. It will stain clothing if you are not careful.

    What Size Are Sharpie Ultra-Fine Markers?

    The diameter of the tip determines the measurement of markers. Ultra-fine markers have a tip diameter of 0.2mm. This diameter is the smallest tip available with an extra-fine point measuring 0.4mm and a fine tip with a diameter of 1 mm. This size is right for writing words or outlining images on surfaces.

    Are Sharpie Ultra-Fine Permanent Markers, Black Water Proof?

    Yes, the Sharpie Extra-Fine Point Permanent Marker is waterproof once it dries. It is has a quick-drying formula. The marker ink dries within a few seconds of writing on the chosen item.

    What Surfaces Can You Write on with Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Point?

    You can write on almost any surface with Sharpie markers. Write or draw on wood, plastic, metal, paper, and even fabric. To ensure the newly drawn items do not smear, allow the writing to dry completely.

    Can You Revitalize Dried Out Sharpie Ultra-Fine Permanent Markers, Black?

    Rejuvenating a dried-out marker is possible. To do so, fill a bowl with rubbing alcohol and put the marker in it, tip down. Keep the Sharpie in the pan until a little ink runs out of the pen into the liquid. Remove the pen from the container and recap it. Leave the pen capped for at least 15 minutes before using.

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