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    Manufacturer: Sharpie

    Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Assorted Colors 24 Count

    Fine point original Sharpie markers. 24 vivid Sharpie colors. Marks on most surfaces. Quick-drying ink resists smearing, fading, and water Non-toxic, AP certified.
    GTIN: 071641098664

    The original Sharpie - Permanent Marker, Fine Assorted Colors - 24 Count pack contains a full two dozen Sharpie's 41 Fine Point Permanent Marker colors. With this many Sharpie colors, no project is out of reach, whether it be arts and crafts or organizing your home office.

    What's in Sharpie Ink?

    Alcohol is the primary solvent; however, Sharpie Permanent Markers also contain ethylene glycol and monobutyl ether to help them adhere to most surfaces and make them waterproof. Sharpie Markers tend to have fast-drying ink that is water, fade, and smear-resistant.

    Are Sharpie Permanent Markers Toxic?

    While the Sharpie, Permanent Marker, Fine Assorted Colors - 24 Count pack contains Sharpie markers with AP-certified non-toxic ink, they aren't recommended to use their ink encounter food items or the mouth.

    How Should You Remove a Sharpie Permanent Marker Stain?

    Given Sharpie markers' nature, removing their ink from fabrics can be difficult and can't always be guaranteed. For best results, treat the stain immediately. Immediate treatment will reduce the amount of time the stain can set in. First, check care recommendations on the garment tag. Next, with the stained garment lying face down on a paper towel or clean white cloth, add stain remover to the back of the stain and gently agitate with a soft bristle brush to push the stain out of the fabric instead of burying it deeper. Wash garment based on manufacturer care instructions and check to see if the stain is removed before placing it in the dryer. The heat from a clothes dryer may cause stains to set further.

    How Long Will Sharpie Permanent Marker Last?

    Among other factors, a Sharpie marker's staying power can depend on whether the surface is porous or smooth and whether the marking is located indoors or outside where it is exposed to the elements.

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