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    Manufacturer: Oral-B

    Oral-B ProAdvantage CrissCross Toothbrushes, Soft or Medium 8 ct.

    Bristles angle in opposite directions to remove plaque. Removes plaque from back teeth. Tongue & Cheek Cleaner freshens breath.
    GTIN: 300410105167


    You can support good oral and dental health with Oral-B® ProAdvantage CrissCross Toothbrushes, 8 ct. (Choose Soft or Medium). Oral health is just as important as overall health and plays a big role in a person's health as a whole. Having the right toothbrush is a big part of having healthy teeth and gums.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Oral-B ProAdvantage CrissCross Toothbrushes?

    The Oral-B CrissCross Toothbrush has bristles that are angled in opposite directions. It helps to get deeper into the teeth and gums and be able to brush away plaque from places that flat-bristled brushes can't get to. These toothbrushes also have PowerTip bristles that work really well for getting plaque off of back teeth. The Oral-B ProAdvantage CrissCross Toothbrushes remove up to 90% of the plaque that is normally very hard-to-reach. You also get the benefit of the tongue and cheek cleaner, which works to freshen your breath during the brushing process.

    Are These Manual or Power Toothbrushes?

    The Oral-B CrissCross is a manual toothbrush. Unlike the Oral-B Cross Action Power Toothbrush, this brush requires you to provide the brushing motion yourself. But, a single-use brushing study showed that the Oral-B CrissCross Toothbrush is highly effective for cleaning teeth and helping to make your mouth as healthy as possible. Oral-B is the brand of toothbrush that more dentists use for themselves.

    Does the CrissCross Toothbrush Come in Different Colors?

    The CrissCross Toothbrush comes in a couple of different colors. You can get these brushes for your whole family and find it easy to keep track of who's toothbrush is who's. Or get them for yourself and use a different color when it's time to replace your toothbrush.

    Are There Different Bristle Levels to Choose From?

    The Oral-B CrissCross manual toothbrush can be purchased in packs of soft bristle brushes or packs of medium bristle brushes. So, whether you have gums that are a little more sensitive to the touch of toothbrush bristles, or you like bristles that are a bit stiffer and brush a little harder, you can choose the bristle level that works the best for your needs.

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