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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark 8" Chef Shears 2pk.

    Sharp and easy-to-use kitchen shears for cutting vegetables, meat, and poultry. Blades can come apart for easy cleaning. Contoured non-slip handles ensure good control and extra safety when used. Use tool built into the handle to crack nuts and shells, and open jars and bottles.
    GTIN: 078742006314

    Take your kitchen prep up a notch with these Member's Mark 8" Chef Shears (2pk.). Able to cut and snip products you can't normally do with a knife, these kitchen shears are a must-have for every chef wanting to save time and energy.

    Is Member's Mark 8" Chef Shears the Best Kitchen Shears?

    With Member's Mark 8" Chef Shears (2pk.), you have a multi-purpose tool you can find a good use for in the kitchen. Sharp and used as a scissor, you can easily shred through food and packages like you would with paper. The stainless steel blades provide superior performance and long-lasting durability. Keep one nearby and you'll use it more than your knives.

    Why Use Kitchen Shears

    Kitchen shears serve multiple purposes. One being, it's an easy way to cut through meats and vegetables. Instead of slicing back and forth with a knife, a good pair of shears can do it in one motion. These are also useful for opening up packages and casings, as well as snipping herbs. Built into the handle of the shears is a tool you can use too for unscrewing bottle caps and jar lids, and for cracking nuts or shells of crabs and lobsters.

    Easy To Clean

    When finished using these kitchen shears, you can easily separate the blades for easy cleaning. Plus, since the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, they won't rust. And if you're too busy, you can always toss them in the dishwasher.

    Extra Safety When Used

    Thanks to the non-slip design of the handles, wielding this in your hands always guarantees a safe and sturdy grip, giving you extra control and maneuverability when you're going to work in the kitchen. With a large handle and ergonomic construction, these kitchen shears fit like a glove. They're also NSF-certified for safety, design, performance and material.

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