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    JA Henckels International Forged Accent 2 Piece Prep Knife Set

    5.5" prep knife & 5" serrated utility knife. Forged blades with full bolster. Full-tang, triple-rivet ergonomic handles. Satin-finish, stainless-steel blade construction.
    GTIN: 664339937422

    Highly durable with extremely balanced blades, the Henckels International Forged Accent Series offers two must-have kitchen knives for home chefs. The 5.5" prep knife and 5" serrated utility knife are essentials in any home or professional cook’s kitchens. The knives are made with full-tang handles have a comfortable ergonomic grip with a three-rivet design that provides excellent balance.

    What Can I Do With a Prep Knife?

    A prep knife is similar to a chef’s knife in that it is an all-around, go-to kitchen knife. It can be used to chop vegetables but also slice through meat, poultry and fish. The satin-finish, stainless-steel blade construction helps with smoother cuts while remaining resistant to corrosion and rust.

    What Can I Do With a Serrated Utility Knife?

    Serrated knives are commonly referred to as bread knives but they can actually do so much more than cut bread. The blade is comprised of teeth and gullets that can slice through any foods with tough exteriors while not damaging the soft interiors—the perfect example next to bread would be tomatoes.

    One of the advantages of serrated knives is that they rarely need to be sharpened and continue to be effective even when dull. Similar to the Henckels prep knife, this Henckels 5-inch serrated knife is also made with a satin-finish, stainless-steel blade for long-lasting durability in the kitchen.

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