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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark 2 D Ring View Binder White 4 pk

    Member's Mark 2" D-Ring Binder. Features a clear, non-glare overlay. Locking D-rings can hold 25% more material than standard rings. 4 pk. Each of the binders can hold up to 540 sheets.
    GTIN: 0078742255385

    Keeping organized is important whether you are at home, at work or you just want to keep your hobbies better organized. A fantastic way to improve your organizational skills is to use professional binders. These Member's Mark™ 2" D-Ring View Binder, White (4 pk.) might be a good option to consider for your own needs whether they are professional or for around the home.

    Why Choose the Member's Mark 2" D-Ring View Binder, White?

    The 2-inch view binder features a clear non-glare overlay, along with two clear pockets on the inside front and back. They can be a good place to keep loose papers. The binders have quality, durable cover boards that are made from 100% recycled fiber. In addition, the locking D-rings that are a part of the white binders are capable of holding up to 25% more material than standard rings can hold. In fact, each of these binders has a 540-sheet capacity.

    What Are Some Great Ways to Use Member's Mark 2" D-Ring View Binder, White?

    How might you utilize these D-ring binders? There are plenty of great uses for them. You could use them in your work to help you keep your papers organized, or to keep certain processes that you use in a protective covering. You can also use them for some hobbies, such as keeping your recipes, keeping game information handy, and more. There are countless reasons to use these 2-inch binders in your personal life and your professional life.

    Make Sure You Label or Decorate Your Binders

    If you have a number of these binders, you will want to keep track of what is located in each of them. This means you need to label them. If you have some binders you are using around the house or for your hobbies, you can decorate them to create cute binders that are instantly identifiable. It can also be fun to decorate them.

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