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    Manufacturer: Lipton

    Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea 66 ct

    66 family-size tea bags in 3 individually wrapped packages to ensure freshness. Brews in cold water; no boiling necessary. Rainforest alliance-certified. Kosher.
    GTIN: 041000090059

    Lipton® Cold Brew Iced Tea (66 count) is made from high-quality tea leaves grown around the planet, picked at their freshest, then used to formulate fine, great-tasting tea products. Lipton uses a proprietary process making brewing their tea possible with just cold water and no boiling water needed. Just add cold water and enjoy a refreshing cup of Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea anytime.

    What's in a Tea Bag of Lipton Cold Brew?

    Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea is a special tea blend because it's made with real, high-quality tea leaves using a proprietary process that allows you to steep the tea leaves in just cold water. Lipton Cold Brew is made with orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea, which are two types of black tea made from young tea leaves.

    Because of this made-for-cold-water, special tea leaf blend, Lipton Cold Brew is a breeze to make. To make two quarts of refreshing iced tea, place two tea bags in a large pitcher and cover them with eight cups of cool water. Let the bags steep and work their magic for five minutes, stirring frequently. After the five minutes is up, remove the tea bags, add ice and sweeten with sugar, agave syrup or a non-sugar sweetener if you prefer. Drink it in one sitting or keep refrigerated for later.

    What Drinks Can I Make with Lipton Cold Brew Tea?

    From alcoholic beverages to serve at backyard summer parties to refreshing and sweet sips for kids, Lipton Cold Brew Tea is a great place to start when you're making a beverage for a crowd. Here are two of our favorites:

    • Arnold Palmer: After steeping Lipton Cold Brew, add in already-made lemonade or lemonade concentrate to the pitcher in small batches. Sweeten to taste. We recommend making your own simple syrup on the stovetop, as it mixes better.

    Can I Make an Iced London Fog with Lipton Cold Brew Tea?

    If you love sipping London Fogs in the wintertime but crave them during warmer months too, there are more great tea drinks out there for you. If you haven't tried the beverage, it's also known as an Earl Grey Tea Latte or Vanilla Tea Misto because it's made with milk.

    Brew your Lipton Cold Brew Tea and while it's brewing, add in dried lavender leaves. Pour the brew over ice through a strainer so that you can remove the lavender leaves. Add sweetener, then add a splash of your favorite milk, whether it be whole milk, almond, soy or other non-dairy milk. Add a few fresh lavender leaves to garnish and enjoy.

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