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    Manufacturer: Hershey's

    Kit Kat Wafer Snack Size Bars 36.75oz

    Nestle Kit Kat chocolate-covered wafers. Individually wrapped Kit Kat chocolate bars. Ideal for handing out to trick-or-treaters and filling candy bowls.
    GTIN: 034000404063

    Treat yourself to a crispy, crunchy, milk-chocolatey break with Kit Kat® Wafer Snack Size Bars, which are made with light, crispy wafers coated in smooth milk chocolate. Kit Kat is available in several varieties, including minis, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and snack size. You can enjoy a Kit Kat chocolate in place of cookies to snack on. Have it with a cup of coffee or put a couple of fingers into your favorite recipe. These snack size bars are available in a 36.75 oz package that contains 75 individual packs.

    What Can You do with Kit Kat Wafer Snack Size Bars?

    Nestle Kit Kat is one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world. You can use these packs to share with friends and family. Set out a bowl at parties or send a Kit Kat wafer to someone as a small gift. You can choose to keep these Kit Kat bars to yourself and enjoy them as treats after meals. Put the Kit Kats in the refrigerator for a cool, crispy, crunchy snack. These bars can satiate your cravings for a sweet snack whenever you feel like having one. They can be used in brownie or cookie recipes for extra chocolate and an added crisp.

    Do Kit Kat Wafer Snack Size Bars Come in Different Flavors?

    Kit Kat bars come in a variety of flavors, including dark, white and milk chocolate. Kit Kat wafers come as four-finger bars that are individually wrapped, making them easy to carry around in a pocket, purse or backpack. Make them your travel companion on a holiday or road trip.

    About the Kit Kat Brand

    The Kit Kat bar is produced globally by Nestle, who acquired the original manufacturers, Rowntree. Rowntree introduced this chocolate to the United Kingdom in 1935. In the USA, Kit Kat is produced by a division of the Hershey Company under license. It’s now one of the most popular and easily recognized sweet treats among people young and old around the world.

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