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    Manufacturer: Gillette

    Gillette Venus Original Women's Razor 1 Handle 16 Cartridges

    Close shave in just one stroke. Lubrastrip with a touch of aloe. Fading indicator strip. Triple-bladed.
    GTIN: 047400300415


    Get smoother than ever with Gillette® Venus Original Women's Razors. These razors have a special-triple-bladed design that is made specifically for women's skin. The Venus razor contours to every curve for the closest shave a woman can get. This package comes with 16 long-lasting cartridges.

    Venus razors are excellent for arms, underarms, feminine areas, and, of course, legs. The razors have been designed to give women a smooth, close shave with each and every stroke. This cuts time in the shower so you can spend less time shaving. The secret is in the triple-bladed design, with each blade getting closer than the last.

    Are Venus Razors Gentle?

    Venus razors fight abrasion with a small, almost invisible feature at the top of the head of the cartridge: a thin Lubrastrip infused with aloe. This Lubrastrip is what helps the razor glide along the skin and avoiding any snags or rough patches. It is infused with aloe, which is gentle on the skin and provides hydration.

    How Do You Know When Your Razor Is Done?

    Few things are worse than trying to shave with a razor that should be switched out for a fresh one. Usually, you can't tell until you've already lathered up and taken a few unsatisfactory swipes. Venus women's razors are different. These razors come with a special blue indicator strip that fades with use. Once the blue line has completely faded, you know it is time to switch out the cartridge for a fresh one. With 16 cartridges in this pack, it will be a long time before you'll need to purchase a replacement.

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