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    Manufacturer: Elmer's

    Elmer's Washable School Glue 1 gal

    Great for use at school and home. Strong and versatile glue. Works with cardboard, cloth, leather, paper, and wood. Dries clear. Easy to wash off.
    GTIN: 026000182201

    Generations of school children have grown up using Elmer's® Washable School Glue. This one-gallon package is great for the entire classroom or large projects.

    Is Elmer's School Glue Safe?

    Elmer's Washable School Glue is safe for any child to use and is easy to wash off of hands because you know the kids will get it on their hands. This washable school glue is ideal for use with school projects, whether at home or in school.

    Is the Glue Strong?

    Elmer's school glue offers strong and versatile multipurpose use for cardboard, cloth, leather, paper, and even wood. Whenever arts and crafts time comes around, Elmer's washable glue offers a convenient, safe glue for any child to use.

    Not Just for Children

    Elmer's Washable School Glue also offers a variety of uses for adults at home. One possible use of Elmer's washable glue is to use it for adding an antiquey finish to an item or piece of furniture in your home. The glue will create a crackled finish on an item to give it an original, older-style look. For the home craftsman, Elmer's washable glue offers an easy solution to a loose screw. Instead of drilling a new hole, fill the gap with some glue and a cotton ball. The hardened cotton ball will do the trick to keep the screw tight. You can also use Elmer's washable glue to remove nasty splinters from your or your child's hands. Simply add a layer of the glue over the splinter and wait for the glue to harden. After hardening, peel the glue from the skin and watch in awe as it pulls out the splinter! It's truly amazing. You can also use the glue to fix wooden artifacts and furniture, to give form to fabric, to patch small holes in your walls, and to prevent shoelaces and ropes from becoming frayed.

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