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    Manufacturer: Elmer's

    Elmer's Glue All Multi Purpose Glue 1 gal

    Washable. Works on multiple materials. Ideal for projects, crafts, and home or office use.
    GTIN: 026000038607

    Elmer's Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue is great for all kinds of projects that require a non-toxic, strong holding glue. The convenient gallon-size jug makes it easy to stock up on glue for all of the repairs, crafts, or other projects that you have in mind. When you buy Elmer’s brand, you can trust you’re getting top-quality glue and supplies.

    What Materials Will Elmer's Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue Work With?

    Elmer’s white glue gallon is an all-purpose glue that bonds to many different materials. This glue works on paper, wood, fabric, leather, and more. This glue is great for schools, art departments, repairs and work around the garage, and just about any other use you have in mind that requires a basic multi-purpose glue. It will hold strong and provide plenty of applications.

    Does This Glue Dry Quickly?

    Elmer’s Glue-All is a quick-drying formula that dries with a clear finish so that you never have to worry about seeing the work. The strong bond and quick dry makes this glue the ideal choice for crafts and projects, household repairs and workshop uses.

    What Other Elmer’s Products Are Available?

    Elmer’s clear glue is second only to the original white glue and is available online as well. You can find all sizes and styles of glue from this brand, including Elmer’s clear glue gallon and Elmer’s washable school glue gallon jugs and multipacks of individual bottles.

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